Bluetooth is a cost effective chip which can create a/series connection that you can create beween bluetooth enabled devices.

This can be effective on a mobile as you can share files between a computer and a mobile which is quicker than any other connection methods.


EMS stands for Enhanced Messaging Service. Like SMS it can use SMS Centres to send and receive messages unlike MMS, its more advnaced than SMS though as you can send various media with it such as sounds and images like MMS.

It can only be used on EMS compatible handsets. If a EMS is sent to a phone which is not compatible with EMS, the text message is shown as a SMS.


GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It is a faster connection than the GSM can offer at 20 or 30 Kbps and theoretically upto 171Kbps. GPRS is usaully used to send MMS and to surf the Internet on mobile phones


GSM has two meanings, Global System for Mobile Communications and Groupe Spécial Mobile. GSM is a digital cellular network which is used in over 160 countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

GSM was developed by the Europeans as each European country had their own analogue cellphone system which was not compatible with each others.

Java Games

Java Games are small applications which are installed on a cellular phone or device which allows the user to play games.


MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS allows text, sound and images to be sent to other phones. MMS can send emails but they are not actaully emails are the objects contained in the MMS is the message not attachment/s.


Polyphonic is a ringtone which can play a variety of sounds on different layers in one file. Some mobiles can play polyphonic tones with more layers than others.


A ringtone is a sound which is played when a mobile phone has a incomming call or text message. Polyphonic, Monophonic and Real Tones are different types of ringtones.


SIM stands for Subscribers Identity Module. It is a chip integrated on a thumb sized card chip which is normally slotted into the back of a GSM mobile handset. The SIM card contains the subscriber's details and the phone numbers the subscriber stores on their phones.


SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. It is a simple text messaging service where you send a message through a electronic device to another. It is the most popular feature of the GSM mobile but you can send upto 160 characters in one message.


WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. It si the specification/rules the user uses to surf the Internet on a wirless device.